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  • By Alyssa Brennan

CCU Theatre Department can sell your seats

Attending performances hosted by Coastal Carolina University’s Theatre Department can be an enjoyable past time.

However, when planning to attend a show, be sure to avoid any hiccups that could postpone your arrival. The theatre department creates a stand-by list on the night of every show, and the list makes available any seat that is not taken by a certain time. Ticket holders are not exempt from this practice and are very likely to lose a seat they paid for if they show up late.

As I had been 15 minutes early to past performances I attended, I was unaware of the standby list and am glad to now know so if I ever choose to purchase another ticket, I can be better prepared. Arriving at 7:30 as a ticket holder to not have a seat in the Edwards Black Box Theatre was unexpected.

“On the evening of the performance, if you aren’t there five minutes before start time, we can sell your seat,” Manager of Ticketing and Patron Services James Alexi said.

If someone arrives after 7:25, their seat may be taken and access to the show denied, even though the money to attend has already been spent. Information regarding this procedure can also be found on the back of the tickets.

“I think it’s reasonable since those people are waiting and seem more interested,” junior Michael Weaver said.

When preparing for a night at the theatre, allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and arrive at least 10 minutes before the showtime to avoid losing your seat and money. Many college students already struggle financially and are especially wary of seeing it go to waste. This practice of the theatre, while understandable, makes me hesitant to purchase another ticket. I enjoy going to performances, but I do not have money to waste.

When asked about the number of seats in the Edwards Theatre, Alexi said that he was not able to provide exact numbers. However, according to the CCU website, there are 120 seats.

To purchase a ticket for upcoming performances, head to the Wheelwright Box Office and present your student ID for a discount.

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