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  • By Grace Wells

Early Childhood Development and Literacy Center hosted trick-or-treating event

This Halloween, the Early Childhood Development and Literacy Center hosted a trick-or-treating event on campus for children. The children at the daycare showed off their costumes and raked in large amounts of candy from the various stations by Coastal Carolina clubs and organizations.

At 9:30 a.m., 60 kids, 25 parents and numerous members of the Public Safety office began their quest. They flocked to Kingston Hall, traveled to Singleton, and then continued to Prince Lawn, the Edwards courtyard, student union, Baxley Visitor Center, and the Scholars Academy before circling back to Kingston. The trip lasted about an hour and a half.

Maria Costa, a CCU graduate student, coordinated the event. Costa works in the communication department of the Early Childhood Development and Literacy Center.

Costa said, “It took me about three weeks, just reaching out to see if departments were interested and getting everyone organized . . . I also had a lot of help from the moms who work on campus [and] getting their departments to participate.”

Hatton Gravely, the director for Women and Philanthropy and Leadership, enjoyed seeing her child participate in the trick-or-treating event. Her office was the second stop on the children’s journey. With 60 kids looping though the Singleton building, it took a total of 15 minutes to hand out the candy.

“I know my daughter had a blast,” Gravely smiled. “She went to two houses and was over it. I think she had more fun on campus.”

With pails overflowing with candy, the children made their way to the Scholar’s Academy on their last run. Ryan Carter, a science teacher at the academy, was excited for his students to give candy to the children.

“The Scholars students were way more excited than the kids collecting candy. They were really looking forward to it,” Carter said. “The Scholars students were very excited to participate and see the kids in costume, and that made me very happy to see. One poor girl in a princess outfit thought my clown nose was an injury and started crying, but she got better when I showed her that I was fine.”

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Early Childhood Development and Literacy Center and the different departments on campus, Halloween was made special for all of Coastal Carolina. Gravely explained her family tradition which keeps the sugar consumption at a healthy level.

“We don’t let our kids keep all the candy. We started a tradition called the ‘switch witch’: our children get to pick out their favorite candy that will last a day or two and the rest of the candy is replaced with a small toy,” Gravely said.

More events are soon to take place at the Early Childhood Development and Literacy Center including a Thanksgiving feast and a Christmas party and play.

Students interested in volunteering with the daycare are advised to meet with Costa at the center. The center is also currently enrolling; information on tuition, scholarships, applications, and registration can be found through CCU’s website.

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