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  • Story and photos by Rae’L Jackson

Colleges Against Cancer announces the 2020 Relay for Life theme on campus

On Oct. 6, 2019, Colleges Against Cancer held a reveal in the courtyard of the Lib Jackson Student Union (LJSU) to announce the theme for Relay for Life next semester.

The Relay for Life theme is “Ignite the Fight!” The reveal was shown through a video made and cast by the leadership team. The theme is centered around the Summer Olympics, taking place in 2020.

Colleges Against Cancer is an organization that hosts advocate events and promotes cancer awareness throughout CCU’s campus, and its main event is Relay for Life.

Relay for Life’s mission is to raise funds to improve cancer survival, decrease the incidence of cancer, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their caretakers. During the event, students and faculty raise money, raise awareness, and walk around a track or area to support the fight against cancer.

Sammy Parnell is a senior at CCU, and she is currently serving as the president of Colleges Against Cancer.

“It’s my senior year, and I am happy to see how Relay for Life has progressed over the last four years with different leaders on our leadership team,” she said.

Colleges Against Cancer has a leadership team with multiple college students serving on different boards to make events like Relay for Life successful. During the theme reveal, the leadership team introduced themselves and encouraged organizations to participate.

Amelia Carte is the coordinator of Civic Engagement; she oversees Relay for Life and selected the leadership team year.

“The current leadership team is very mission-driven and energized about keeping the values of Relay for life and Colleges Against Cancer,” she said.

Keegan Vath is a sophomore who is a part of the leadership team.

“The fact that so many people can come together and actually make a difference and raise money to help fund research, that can hopefully find a cure to cancer, is so incredible,” Vath said.

Since Relay for Life started on CCU’s campus, it has raised more than $1 million dollars for cancer awareness and research.

To be a part of Relay for Life, participants by sign up on “Colleges Against Cancer” Coastal Connections webpage. Participants can raise money during the event, and through the website. For questions, you can contact Amelia Carte or Sammy Parnell via email.

Relay for Life will be held on April 6, 2020, in Blanton Park from noon to midnight.

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