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  • By Thomas Healy

Clubs and organizations available to students at CCU

Editor’s Note: This article is part two of a series.

Every semester at Coastal Carolina University brings new opportunities for student engagement. 

Unlike a typical classroom setup, student-led clubs and organizations offer comradery based upon non-academic interests. From world renowned humanitarian collectives to frisbee and golf, listed below are the newest clubs on campus. 

1. The National Society of Black Engineers 

The National Society of Black Engineers is an organization advancing the interests of African American students pursuing careers in engineering. The society hosts a variety of on-campus functions including workshops and collaborations with other clubs within the technology department. The club meetings are open to any student who wishes to attend, but full membership is preferred for those who attend regularly. 

The chapter’s adviser, Tonya Melvin-Bryant, said, “Our CCU chapter seeks any student who is interested in entering a technical field, with hopes of that interest leading to a career in engineering. Major goals include encouraging students to study for success, helping to increase the number of underrepresented in the field through community outreach, and having social impact through tech research. We hope to accomplish these goals by sharing our knowledge in chapter meetings, providing training workshops within the university community, and providing educational opportunities to K-12 entities locally.”  

Students receive numerous benefits for membership such as participation in prestigious research projects and opportunities to foster their abilities to network with other professionals within the industry. 

There are no requirements to join the club, minus the dues which consist of a national organization fee of $15 and a $5 local chapter fee.  

“Since we are a new organization, we do not currently have our service requirements for members to attend meetings and other events. The plan is for students to accumulate points throughout the year in order to be ‘active’ members of the local chapter. We plan to offer graduation stoles for those completing these service requirements,” said Melvin-Bryant. 

2. Teal Goes Pink 

Teal Goes Pink is an organization dedicated to the advancement of women. Their goal is to empower women within the local community to become leaders and innovators. Club President Erica Evans spoke about what inspired her to form this club.  

She said, “I realized that being in college is not easy. Sometimes we don't know where to go or who to turn to when we need help with something or maybe just someone to talk to. So, I wanted to create an organization where ladies can come together and be authentic with one another. I believe there is power in community. There is power in knowing that you have a team behind you that is filled with love and support. I want the ladies of Teal Goes Pink to be an organization that promotes empowerment through both conversation and action, by not only saying we are a community, but by being an example of one.” 

However, unlike other clubs of similar aspirations, they don’t focus on any one issue and are even open to discuss the personal struggles of their members alongside societal inequality. 

Evans explained the club is still in the process of organizing events for the semester and that they would be running a Women in The Workplace event sometime during the spring semester. The event will host female speakers who will be sharing their success stories.  

3. Dance Marathon 

The Dance Marathon is a fundraising organization that supports the McLeod Children’s Hospital. The executive board is currently organizing the dance marathon to be hosted on the CCU campus. 

4. The Circle K International Club of Coastal Carolina University 

The Circle K International Club of Coastal Carolina University is an international collegiate service of Kiwanis International. 

Get Involved 

Should you want more information about these clubs or any others, the campus will be hosting an Organization Kick-Off Day for the Spring semester on Jan. 15, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Prince Lawn. You can also check for a full list of clubs as well as contact and registration information. 

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