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  • By O'Tia Prioleau

CCU has plans to add to Kimbel Library

Kimbel library is the next location scheduled to undergo reconstruction on campus.

Alana Tellier, a junior at CCU, loves the quiet floor of the library. She hopes the new addition will expand upon the quiet spaces and study rooms currently provided on Kimbel’s second floor. Tellier does not mind the new addition being built behind the library, since she lives within walking distance to campus.

She said, “ It would be nice if they could connect [the new building] in an efficient way . . . I don’t think it is necessary for them to do that [massive renovation]. I think they could [keep] the old part . . . for a lot of group activities which is louder and the other can be [a quiet building].”

Jennifer Hughs, the associate university librarian, has been a part of Coastal Carolina University since 1998 in various positions, but “came here as a student in 1994.” This has given her the chance to see the growth of CCU first hand.

“The growth in the students at that time, buildings, programs, and also as much as Coastal has grown [as a whole],” Hughs said.

Hughs goes on to talk about the broadening of the way libraries has changed in a worldly aspect.

“When I first came to this library; it was just the one building. We had the card catalog and one computer that did not have the internet, but did have a Cisco CD changer. We’ve seen so much growth and change within the university and the library,” she said.

The new addition will be focused more so on space for the students. Hughs points out that, “the biggest request we hear from students is about study space; they're looking for [more] group study rooms and also individual study space.”

Melvin Davis has been the university librarian for two years now and is seeing that vision that he had when he arrived come into play.

Davis said, “ I remember the provost at that time talk about it. We kind of knew; we just didn’t know where we really fit into [the plan].”

The library is in the design stage at this point in time of the master plan.

“They have to go back to Columbia to resubmit the design pieces. After that is approved [then construction will start],” Davis said.

For this new addition; the CCU is looking to add a two story building. The bottom floor will be services while the second will be the success center.

Davis said, “At some point we are supposed to be attaching the building in some way to [Kimberly].”

The new addition will not be named Kimbel, but named after a donor. For now it will be called the Library Learning Complex. Davis is just asking that students remain patient as the building process and construction take place.

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