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  • By O'Tia Prioleau

Is Disney+ worth the price?

Since its release in November 2019, many individuals have had differing opinions about the new, and quickly popularized, streaming service, Disney+.

Liana Robbins, a junior at Coastal Carolina University, did the free trial with Disney+ before purchasing it a week later. Robbins was eager to watch shows like That’s So Raven and many other black cartoons that are no longer on television.

“When I first got it, I was excited. I went to look for The Proud Family and then I got disappointed,” she said.

Robbins has not been able to access many of the shows and films she was hoping to watch on the new streaming service.

With the option to request shows and movies on Disney+, Robbins requested Rollie Pollie be added to the service’s library. She appreciates Disney’s efforts and the their attention to the customer experience.

Joanne Melenik, a junior, has had her Disney+ account since its first day on the market. Melenik pays for a bundle which includes Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, and National Geographic.

“I don’t have [to] spend for both Hulu and Disney’s plus,” she said. “I’m saving like six dollars a month.”

Melenik was expecting to view all her favorite childhood shows.

“When I was younger, I used to worship Hillary Duff [and] watching Lizzie McGuire . . . when I found out the movie was on there, I was so content with my life,” she said.

Melenik thinks an expansive library of shows and films is key to a streaming service’s success. She said, “I feel like it is important to have concerns and opinions from your viewers, because they’re paying so much a month for it and when you have high expectations; they need to be fulfilled.”

Taylon Anderson, a junior, purchased the service a week after it was launched. He came on board with Disney+ based upon what he heard about the service, and he has had a great experience. Anderson was on the neutral side of things while exploring the service’s phone app.

“It’s good, but it’s not great,” he said.

If he was to suggest a development for the phone app, he said he would request more categories and genres be available. Some of the movies will not be available until November 2020 and Anderson said, “I think it’s for anticipation; it’s a strategy for them, but for us it’s like ‘hold on,’ now we have to wait until then.”

Overall he feels as though the app is a great idea to bring all the movies and shows into one app so streaming it could be made easy.

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