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  • By Destiny Premo

Student organizations are helping local companies

Teal Nation Communications, created by Jeffrey Ranta, is a student-run agency that provides marketing opportunities for local businesses. The Community and Business Engagement (CoBE) Institute does the same.

Eighteen months ago, Jeffrey Ranta started an agency called Teal Nation Communications to provide students with real world marketing experience. Local companies benefit from the program by contacting the communications program and requesting advertising and other promotional services. Students who are part of Teal Nation Communications work to find the best marketing strategies for each business.

“Teal Nation Communications is a full-service student-run agency serving clients. We do everything from social media campaigns to strategic planning to video production to graphic arts [and] event management,” said Jeffrey Ranta.

Last semester, Teal Nation Communications promoted Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts. The company contacted Teal Nation Communications and asked for help to make boiled peanuts a traditional snack for college football. Teal Nations Communications students offered samples at sporting events and even created a photo contest. Jeffrey Ranta reported that the campaign was very successful.

The Community and Business Engagement (CoBE) Institute, a part of the Wall College of Business, participates in similar activities. Students selected for this program participate in real-world events that provide students the necessary experience to succeed in their fields. Like Teal Nation Communications, CoBE participates in creating marketing solutions.

“[CoBE Institute] is looking for students with initiative and the ability to self-regulate [and] to have the ability to take on a project or a task without a lot of oversight (typically that’s very ambiguous, that isn’t very clear, maybe doesn’t even have a clear outcome) but can take that project and deliver some kind of value to the clients, ” Peter Gatsa, the director of the institute, said.

According to the CoBE Institute page located on Coastal Carolina University's website, “Associates work on a diverse range of business projects in teams with the fellow associates and faculty advisers. Associates receive experience and training in communications, project development, critical thinking, proposal writing, problem-solving and discipline-specific skills while researching and working one-on-one with advisers, mentors and experts”.

Students can participate in Teal Nation Communications by taking JOUR 433 during their junior or senior year. Normally, students with a communications major would take this class but anyone is welcome to take this class.

Both organizations have the ultimate goal of helping a business succeed as well as providing students with real world experience. For Students interested in Teal Nation Communications, they can feel free to email Jeffery Ranta at Those who are interested in in CoBE Institute can contact Peter Gatsa at

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