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  • By O'Tia Prioleau

CCU student resources are still available virtually

Coastal Carolina University provides many resources for their students on campus, and has expanded their offerings since the pandemic hit.

Daphne Holland, Ph.D., has been the Assistant Provost of Student Success Initiatives for three years. She oversees many campus-based programs including the Bridge program, SEAL, and Level Up.

Her department is “providing all of the academic coaching for the university and tutoring out of the tutoring learning center.”

The staff operating under the Director of the Academic Coaching Experience Department, Mary Fischer, and the Director of the Tutoring and Learning Center, Brianne Parker, have diligently transitioned their offices to all online academic coaching and tutoring. Information about scheduling appointments for online tutoring and academic coaching can be found on their webpages.

“Everything we did was moved online; students can schedule times to get one on one tutoring for the Math Center, Writing Center and Foreign Language. Scholars can login, send in an email; there are instructions for scheduling a tutoring session,” Holland said.

Options are available for students to Facetime with a tutor and an academic coach. Coaching is available for students that are struggling to adjust to this new norm of learning online and these advisors will be remain for students when face-to-face classes begin again.

Holland said that academic coaching pushes students to “focus on [one’s] . . mindset, turning the tide on how students think about themselves and help them build confidence.”

Holland wants scholars to try to stay on a new routine. She suggests students “have a planner and stay on a routine; get up like you typically would if you were staying at the residence hall.” Holland encourages students, “to do what [they] can do to obtain some sense of normalcy; to make sure [they] don’t fall behind.”

She doesn’t want any students to feel alone during this time.

“There are a lot of great faculty and staff out there that have done all they can at this point and we are still continuing to be creative and provide access so students can talk to us one on one as well,” Holland said.

All of the links for academic help online are down below:

Facebook Page: Coastal Student Success Center

Instagram Page: @ccuacademiccoaching

Director of University Recreation (UREC) Jody Davis has been a part of CCU since 1992. Normally, the recreation resources would offer 50 classes a week and the center would be open 15 hours a day. Intramural sports would be available for students to join as well which included soccer, softball and flag football.

“We’ve had many events cancelled, but we understand that with the University shutting down we’re following the Governor and President’s orders. Right now we are offering virtual fitness classes online which means that if you go to the student activities weekly you’ll see our schedule posted every Monday. We are providing three classes [every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday],” Davis said.

The virtual fitness classes can be done anywhere in your home. Davis wants students to “set aside a time each day; especially for exercise and your health. It is so important [to stay active and Davis points out] that the order to stay home does not stop you from being able to ride a bike and or take a jog.” This is vital; not only for your physical well-being, but mental. Davis recommends that you “try not to stay on the couch and each potato chips and drink 2 liters of coke every day. If you’re going to binge watch something that doesn’t mean you have to binge eat too.”

Davis also wants students to know that if you use a bike on campus; don’t worry about it, his team will gather them all and put them back in their place. If you feel better about informing Davis on where your bike is located; email him and his team

Also, if you want to mail your key in feel free to do so or hold on to it until you return in the fall. Davis wants all of the club sports presidents and leaders to stay in touch with the club sports office.

Here are the links to participate!








Instagram: @ccufitfam and @ccurec

Assistant Vice President of Student Life Whitney Comer has been a part of the CCU family since 2010.

“When you have such different departments serving [individual] needs [and getting] everyone to feel like a team [can be difficult, but] we worked on that. [We wanted] students to feel like Student Life was one thing,” Comer said.

Corner really wants students to go on Coastal Connections and use this time to research the many organizations CCU has to offer so that when you return you’ll be able to join a new part of the Coastal Carolina family. Many of these groups aren’t as well-known as others and you’ll be surprised as to what organizations are available.

Right now Student Life is trying to offer online activities so students can stay busy. They have created virtual links students can join to still feel connected to campus.

“[CCU has] had phone calls for organization Presidents on Zoom, open office hours, and orientation will be shifting to online,” Comer said.

There will be a virtual ceremony for Student Involvement awards, Relay For Life, and Finals Frenzy. Student Life is still trying to figure out a way to help students transition when August arrives.

Comer advises students that, “whatever your abilities are or skill development outside of the classroom make the most of it and [develop it]. And, be more reflective in the moment instead of waiting until your senior year trying to reflect on all those experiences and how they are going to help you because when you are in the moment you remember everything.”

She also suggests that you update your resume at the end of each academic year, or just write a list of the skills that you’ve gained and the different things that you have done.

“This will make you more marketable for when you graduate and each thing that you spend your time on will seem more intentional. There are definitely things that you can put down that you have learned,” she said.

Website of assistance:

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