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  • By Tyler Berkheimer

A guide to finding the best off-campus housing option for you

There are plenty of suitable options for off-campus housing, but with so many options, which is the right one? This article evaluates the pros and cons for various off-campus housing options for any student looking to decide their next move.

The Provincial, formerly known as “Monarch 544,” is located across Highway 544 from the HTC center on campus. The Provincial has been a popular destination for students in recent years due to its proximity to campus. The walk from The Provincial to the Wall building at the center of campus is a five to 10 minute walk. Also conveniently located in walking distance is the CircleK gas station, The Coop, and The American Tavern.

The walking distance to campus, spacious living room, responsive maintenance, tenant appreciation including occasional free food giveaways, a pool, a volleyball court, plenty of parking, and a 24-hour gym are all major pluses of The Provincial. The cons list has been compiled from both my personal experiences as well as online reviews and interviews from current or previous tenants. The cons are as follows: unreliable apartment key fob, poor maintenance in hallways/stairwells, small bedrooms, water pressure issues, and broken furniture not being replaced or repaired. Current costs per bedroom are $550 a month for a four-bedroom lease and $650 a month for two-bedroom lease.

Coastal Club Student Living is another option, located right next to The Provincial on Highway 544. The complex has many of the same pros with regards to proximity to campus and other establishments. Available at the Coastal Club is a pool, gym, tech center, tenant appreciation, volleyball court, spacious bed/bathroom, walk-in closet, and great maintenance. Unfortunately, some bedroom windows face into a dark hallway, the living rooms are small, and the furniture is cheap; it warps and breaks easily. Current per-bed pricing at Coastal Club is $509 a month for a four-bedroom lease and $609 a month for a two-bedroom lease.

The Wren is one of several recent additions to off-campus housing and offers a four-bedroom, four and a half-bath luxury townhome design. The Wren is located directly across Highway 544 and offers the same short walk to campus that the previous two options share. The Wren being a recent addition to the off-campus housing market doesn’t offer tons of reviews of the property, however, the current reviews of The Wren are overwhelmingly positive. Here one can expect a luxury feel with stainless steel appliances, a huge living room, graciously sized bedrooms, Wi-Fi enabled thermostats on each floor, and friendly staff. No negative reviews were found to share here, so the one con for The Wren is that it is among the more expensive options for off-campus housing. Current per-bedroom prices for The Wren are $625 a month per bedroom, not including water and electricity.

Aspen Heights has been around for a few years but is still a relatively new option for off-campus housing. Unlike the previous places listed in this article, Aspen Heights is not within walking distance to campus as it is located a few miles east of campus located on 501 near Wildwing Boulevard. A shuttle-service is provided by Aspen Heights, but on-campus parking permits are still required for those who wish to use campus lots. Aspen Heights offers options for individual homes, full sized houses, yards, neighborhood feel, pool, volleyball court, 24-hour gym, computer lab, free printing, fishing pond with docks, a fire pit, a nearby car wash. and walking distance to the Aldi grocery store. Aspen Heights, unfortunately, is one of the more expensive options, and some residents complained about the limited guest parking. Current per-bedroom prices for Aspen Heights vary due to the number of housing options offered but range from $599 to $689 per month per bedroom.

Bellamy offers luxury townhouses located across 501, but is not close enough to be considered walking distance to campus. Bellamy offers spacious kitchens and living rooms, large bedrooms, a pool, fire pits, grills, and a 24-hour fitness center. Some of the pitfalls that have been recorded are frequent “gate breaks,” faulty electronics indoors, reported issues with management, and frequent price adjustments. Current per-bedroom prices for Bellamy are $729 per month for two-bedrooms and $599 per month for four-bedroom.

Hopefully this list will help you choose where you would like to live next semester. There are plenty of options near campus and even more a bit further down the road. I encourage those looking for housing for what is likely the first time to do as much research as possible in the places you are interested. Read the positive and negative reviews, and ask the staff any questions regarding their housing or reviews you found online.

List of other off-campus housing options

  • CampusWalk- (843-234-1188)

  • The Cove- (843-234-2963)

  • Indigo110- (843-349-3000)

  • The Pier- (843-743-2391)

  • University Suites- (843-349-1010)

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