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  • By Shelbi Ankiewicz

CCU prepares for upcoming football season

As school starts up and fall approaches, so does Coastal Carolina University’s football season with some new protocols.

Amid the pandemic, the Coastal football team still conditioned through the summer to be ready for the upcoming season. Although they were practicing, social distancing measures were put in place along with rules that everyone had to abide by.

“You had to work out with your mask when we’re in the weight room,” said Jamey Chadwell, CCU’s head football coach. “We could only work out a certain number of people, so we didn’t have a traditional summer conditioning program like normal.”

The football stadium will also look different this season due to social distancing procedures. Upon entering the stadium, everyone will have to sit by who they came with and stay a certain distance from others. The state of South Carolina has yet to inform the university what the maximum number of people allowed inside the stadium at one time is.

Even the coaches and players will have to take precautions while inside the stadium. They will be further spread apart and have regulations with their masks.

“Everyone does have to wear a mask on the sidelines, especially if they’re not playing. So, if their helmet is not on, they need to have a mask. All the coaches will have a mask,” said Chadwell.

Aside from COVID, the team is thrilled to be back on their feet again and playing. CCU senior, Trey Carter, plays offensive line and shares his insight for the upcoming season.

“We’re definitely excited to play. We’re tired of hitting the same guys every time, we’re ready to play an opponent,” said Carter.

Students are also ready to be cheering on their team and dressing out in teal and bronze. Sophomore Nathan Strojny does not see COVID affecting his attendance to the football games.

“No because, I mean if it’s there, it’s there. I don’t have an issue with it,” said Strojny.

Although football will be taking place this year, other activities such as tailgating are still up for debate. Ultimately it will be up to the university to decide if there is a way to practice social distancing while still engaging in these activities.

Ticket prices will be the same this year as in the past, but they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. The first home game will be Friday, Sept. 18, at 7 p.m.

“We’re excited and if you guys are allowed to come out to the games, come support us,” said Carter.

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