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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

CCU custodian Barbara Livingston leaves positive impact across campus with her hard work

Coastal Carolina University’s custodial worker, Barbara Livingston, has constantly showed her loyalty and dedication to the university.

Livingston has been working at CCU for eight years now. She enjoys working on the campus because of the people, staff, and work she performs. The mindset is to make CCU the cleanest as possible, so more people will attend.

“I like working here and I’ve always loved working here. If I can see something dirty and students and staff can too, why not clean it,” said Livingston.

Custodian Delvie Gavilan expresses opinions about Livingston. They have been working together for eight years and Gavilan believes Livingston is a prime example of what a custodian should be.

“I like Ms. Barbara. She seems to do real nice work. I want others in our staff to notice her as a worker,” said Gavilan.

In September 2019, Livingston was recognized for her hard work and nominated as an employee of the month. Livingston mentioned how happy she was.

“I was very excited. It’s exciting to know that you’re being recognized for what your job is,” said Livingston.

Student Life’s Physical Technician Diane Wilson has known Livingston for over five years. She appreciatesthe hard work that Livingston and all other custodians contribute to campus.

“She’s always willing and ready to help assist, she’s always happy to help in any way she can,” Wilson said.

The duties of a custodian on campus is to clean, tidy areas, and disinfect. The work week is Monday through Friday, but there is also a weekend team, of which Livingston is a part of. However, custodians do much more than clean. They make relationships and bond with fellow students.

“Because of the time we work, we see students,” said Gavilan. “We like to reach out to the students, have a conversation with them and make them feel the teal.”

Although Livingston appreciates the recognition, she admits that a big part of that has to do with Barbara Scott, the lady that trained Livingston when she started working at CCU.

“When I first came, I had a great supervisor, Barbara Scott. She was a big help,” said Livingston. “She showed me how to clean everything correctly.”

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