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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Six trendy clothing items for men to rock this fall

Men's fashion has become a huge trend over the past few years. From James Dean to Harry Styles, men expressing themselves through fashion has finally become culturally acceptable. Here are some inexpensive and trendy fall fashion pieces for men who want to improve their style.

1. Leather jackets

Leather jackets are the staple for a “bad boy” look. Leather jackets bring an expensive look to any outfit and can be paired with everything.  

Photo courtesy of BooHoo.

2. Flannels

Flannels are a classic when it comes to fall. However, the best part about them is that they can be dressed-up or dressed-down. To dress-down a flannel, just wear jeans, or even shorts, with a t-shirt. To dress-up a flannel, add some jewelry to the look with khaki pants and boots.  

3. Trench coat

Trench coats offer the perfect finishing touch for a look. Instead of wearing a traditional jacket, add a trench coat to bring a more sophisticated and stylish look. Trench coats look good with almost every outfit, but they’re best paired with trousers and a collared shirt.  

4. Collared shirt under a crewneck

If you want to add some layering to your look, the newest trend is adding a crewneck over a collared shirt. This is great for a “business casual” style. Although this look is more on the professional side, it brings the perfect balance of both business and style.

5. Plaid trousers

Why wear plain, boring, pants when you can upgrade them with a pattern? Plaid trousers are the best for fall. They offer some fun in your look and are easy to dress. Plaid pants are a showstopper, so they would need to be paired with simple pieces, like a plain colored shirt.

6. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are the perfect way to bring a fall look together. They are simple, clean and sophisticated. Chelsea boots can be worn in casual and formal attire and are very versatile.

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