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  • By Madelyn Sipola

The media turned face masks into fashion accessories, and we’re loving It

Billie Eilish at 2020 Grammy Awards. Photo courtesy of Footwear News.

With face masks being the new “norm,” the media has taken masks and turned them into fashion pieces.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has been a global phenomenon, the United States progressively made mask wearing mandatory in various states. Although not all 50 states had to abide with the mask regulation, the media took face masks and turned them into art.  Company’s began selling masks with patterns and designs, and some people started creating their own DIY’s.

Looking beyond media portrayals, the United States didn’t start the trend of face masks being fashion accessories, but merely “stole” the idea and made it their own. Fashionable face masks started in Asia. As Asian countries dealt with air pollution, it became popular for people to wear face masks. This later turned into a huge street fashion craze that continues to this day.  

Chinese street fashion has helped Americans express themselves during COVID-19. Many people were not happy when certain states began enforcing a law that requires citizens to wear masks in public. It became an outrage throughout media, but as time progressed, Americans have taken face masks, and turned them into their own fashion accessories. From adding flowers, to bling, expression through an accessory used to keep us safe has become very popular. Nowadays, you can find all types of masks with patterns through online retailers like Fashion Nova and Forever 21. Some people have even taken to social media and started to develop their own ways of designing masks. 

CCU senior Kaylei Brown said, “I think matching face masks to an outfit is cute, but I don’t do it. I just use them where they’re needed.”

As face masks become the new American norm, using creativity and expression through them has shed light onto this never-ending pandemic. Wear a mask and stay safe.  

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