• By Alyssa L. Brennan

CCU student Morgan Hoppman wins Translation Services Scholarship

Coastal Carolina University student Morgan Hoppman was awarded a $500 scholarship from TranslationServices.com.

“Participants were asked to write an essay about a book that changed the way they see the world, and we received a total of 199 submissions,” Lana B., from Translation Services, said in an email.

Applicants were “required to write an essay between 500 and 750 words” where they discussed the way a book changed their “understanding of a place, culture, people, or something else,” the Translation Services website said.

Hoppman “takes us on a journey of being transformed by a book written by Morgan himself,” the Translation Services website said. “What started off as writing as a way to deal with having to live with his ‘annoying little brother’ has turned out to be an adventure of seeing the world through his brother’s eyes and, in the process, inevitably becoming a more compassionate and loving sibling.”

The Chanticleer reached out to Hoppman for further comment, but he declined.

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