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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

Coastal decides to go local with this new club

Students from Coastal Carolina University’s Wall Fellows Program created a club as an assignment but has now made it into an official organization for students to join.

The club, Coastal Goes Local was created by Ryver Morrow, Ariana Monroe, Adam Allen, and Elizabeth Turner. The organization’s goal is to further integrate CCU into its surrounding area.

“I think our official mission statement is to bridge the gap between Coastal students and the local Conway community, to repay the debt that students owe, and to help give our talents as college students to the local businesses,” said Morrow.

The current club members have approached the Chamber of Commerce and met with their Economic Development Team to discuss ideas that could be implemented into their organization.

Prior to meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, Morrow met with local Conway shop, Sit N Sew to help the owner with her online advertising.

“I went into there and helped her with her social media platforms and had got her on a social media scheduling platform and taught her all about Instagram,” said Morrow. “So, that was just kind of like an example of what we want to do with giving back to the local businesses.”

The name, Coastal Goes Local, is a spinoff of another club created by the Wall Fellows Program a few years ago titled Teal Goes Pink.

“Teal Goes Pink is an organization that aims to improve the daily lives of women,” said the club’s description on Coastal Connections.

Coastal Goes Local is an all student ran club with Gina Cummings as the advisor, if needed for representational purposes.

The club is open to all students with no requirements to join. The meetings currently take place on Mondays via zoom from 5:30-6:30 p.m. but that may be altered next semester when in-person is allowed.

The club’s membership for joining is on Coastal Connections. Students can also stay up to date with the latest events by following them on Instagram at this link.

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