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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Easy, last minute Halloween costumes you can make yourself

Do you ever forget to prepare your Halloween costume in advance and have no idea what to wear the day of? Well, don’t worry, because here are some cute and easy DIY costumes to do last minute. 

1) Monsters Inc.  Sully items:

  • Oversized blue shirt

  • Purple fabric pen

There’s only one step in this costume, and all you need to do is draw big circles all over the blue shirt, to get Sully’s pattern. Mike Wazowski items: 

  • Oversized green shirt

  • Hot glue/fabric glue

  • Black, blue, and white felt

Step 1. Make the mouth. Cut out a mouth shape with black felt, then cut teeth shapes with the white felt. Glue the teeth on the black felt, then glue the mouth with the teeth on the bottom center of the shirt.

Step 2. Make the eye. Cut a big circle out of the white felt, a smaller circle out of the blue felt, and an even smaller circle out of the black felt. Glue the white circle down first, then the blue on top. Lastly, place the black circle on top of the blue. 

2) “Smarty Pants”

Want to try out a “puny” costume? Then this one is for you. 


  • Tape

  • Smarties candy (in wrapper)

  • Any kind of pants

  • Glasses/fake glasses

Step 1. Tape smarties candy (in wrapper) all over the pants. Then, wear whatever top you want, and add glasses/fake glasses. 

3) Purge costume 

If you’re looking for a “scarier” Halloween costume, try doing the iconic look from The Purge.


  • Oversized white t-shirt

  • Fake blood

  • Scissors

  • Tights, shorts, Purge face mask (for the rest of the look)

Step 1. Take fake blood and splatter it all over the shirt. Wait for it to dry.

Step 2. Once the shirt is dried, take scissors and cut holes all over the shirt. Then use your hands to rip the holes larger. 

Step 3. Put on tights, shorts, and a Purge mask to finish off the look. 

4) Sports Jersey

This look isn’t a DIY, but it is one of the easiest Halloween looks to put together. All you need is a sports jersey of any kind, then you can pair it with anything that makes you feel comfortable. 

5) Mermaid  Items:

  • White crop top

  • Blue felt

  • Blue skirt

  • Blue satin fabric 

  • Scissors

  • Silver fabric pen

  • Hot glue/fabric glue

Step 1. Cut the blue felt into a shell shape, then add vertical lines to get a shell look.

Step 2. Glue the shells onto the crop top, then let dry. 

Step 3. Take satin fabric and cut them into scale shapes. You will need enough to cover the skirt. 

Step 4. Glue the cut-out scales to the skirt, then let dry.

Step 5. After the steps are completed, the costume is ready to go!

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