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  • By Eden Alon

Farewell CCU

If you were to tell me that my final semester in CCU would be during a pandemic a year or two back, I would call that lunacy and say that if that were the case, then it would be one weird semester. But that was indeed the case this semester.

As a photographer for The Chanticleer, I find it jarring that most of CCU were pretty much-lacking in activity during the fall semester due to COVID-19. Before COVID-19, I was able to photograph many events in CCU from 2019-2020. I took photos of a talent audition, farmer’s markets, stock photos of the buildings in CCU, taking a photo of an Alligator in Wally’s pond (FYI: that is my favorite photo I took in CCU), and the Fall Destresstival in Fall 2019. I even got 3rd place in the South Carolina Press Association within the “photograph” category!

I had many wonderful opportunities to take photos of the many events that went on in CCU. In Fall 2020, however, my photo opportunities were considerable much less than in previous semesters. Thankfully, I was able to adapt somewhat to this new “normalcy” by taking pictures of inanimate objects like COVID-19 signs, social distance markers, and an almost barren hallway in Edwards College.

Even with this unorthodox semester aside, I will still remember my best times at CCU including the many students and faculty that I have chatted with.

The strength of CCU lies within the diversity of ideas and people it has able to attract. Before I came to CCU, my ideas of the world were rooted in ignorance. Thanks to the wonderful professors and students of CCU, including those in the Chanticleer, who helped me get out of my ignorance and try to be at least open-minded about different ideas.

Being a photographer in a student newspaper has certainly help me with being more open-minded due to the many events I visited. I will take what I learned in CCU and apply it outside of college.

If I have any advice for those who will eventually graduate from CCU, it is to try to take advantage of the many events and resources on campus. You will never know what kind of people you will come across.

Take care and good luck Teal Nation!

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