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  • Madelyn Sipola

Five popular fall makeup trends

Fall is here! Let’s look at the makeup trends that are popular right now.

Brick red lips are new to the 2021 trends, but they are a perfect addition. Photo courtesy is linked in the title.

Red lips have always been a fall staple, but there is a new favorite shade that has taken over in 2021. The color “brick red” is the new go-to red-colored lip. Brick red can flush you out if it is not worn correctly. The best way to wear it is either a cool-toned lip or a warm-toned lip and as a matte or velvet finish.

Neutral eyeshadow is a must for makeup fanatics. Photo courtesy is linked in the title.

Neutral tones for eyeshadow are necessary for makeup fanatics. It is always important to have that go-to neutral makeup look. Fall is the best season to rock your favorite neutral eye color because it goes perfectly with dark color schemes.

This beautiful, subtle kitten liner is the perfect addition to a simple makeup look. Photo courtesy is linked in the title.

Yes, kitten eyeliner is as adorable as it sounds. Kitten liner is a form of eyeliner that is made much smaller and more precise. It is essentially a small wing that escapes the end of the lid and is the perfect touch to a simple makeup look.

Take your jewel tones and turn them into a gorgeous makeup look! Photo courtesy is linked in the title.

Jewel-toned looks are something I personally have not gotten into, but it is a huge trend right now. Jewel tones are the colors of jewels, such as yellow, blue and purple. I personally think they look best in a makeup look as a shimmer eye.

Colored liner is the perfect way to make a simple, yet fun or bold makeup look. Photo courtesy is linked in the title.

This trend has been in for the past year and it is not going away anytime soon. Colored eyeliner has turned into the perfect transition from simple to unconventional makeup looks. Ever since quarantine and the world of Tik Tok, people have been more experimental with their makeup styles. Colored eyeliner was the segway to taking makeup up a notch since you can wear it as subtle or as bold as you like.

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