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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Graduating this spring, but not really saying goodbye... yet

Over my past four years at Coastal, I have learned and evolved so much as an individual. I graduated high school a year early and came to Coastal as a double major in Marine Science and Physics. During my sophomore year, I decided Marine Science and Physics was not something I was interested in anymore and switched my major to Marketing. I found my passion and love for marketing, which I never knew I had. 

In January of 2020, I decided to join The Chanticleer Newspaper as a reporter. Joining The Chanticleer was the best decision I have ever made because I was able to find my love for writing again. I also started my own website,, where I can share my stories and more creative side with people. 

In fall of 2020, I became the main Fashion Reporter for The Chanticleer, and had so much fun doing it. Writing about fashion is the best because my research stems from watching fashion videos and reading about fashion. I have also been a self-taught makeup artist for the past six years, so it was so much fun for me to write about makeup alongside fashion. 

Along with writing for The Chanticleer, I have a job on campus as a House Manager for Ticketing and Patron Services, I am a Marketing Intern for fieldXperience, and I am a Social Media Manager for Award-Winning Author and Screenwriter, Beverly Gandara. I have always liked to keep myself busy and I work best in a fast-paced environment. 

I had plans to leave South Carolina after my graduation and find work as a Marketing Assistant at a publishing house, however, I realized I wasn’t being true to myself or living up to my own expectations. Although I was busy with work and school, I rarely left my home and needed to push myself to who I truly am. Writing for The Chanticleer made me fall back in love with my first love, writing, and showed me that I can push myself to achieve great things. 

After this realization, I decided to graduate in May with my Bachelors of Science in Marketing, and then come back to Coastal in fall 2021 in the Second-Degree Program. I am now going to be double majoring in English and Communication, and double minoring in Creative Writing and Film/Productions Studies.

I am unsure as to where my future will lead me, but I hope to work at a publishing house on the editorial side, as opposed to the business side. I am very excited to start this new change in my life and hope to stay with The Chanticleer Newspaper until I graduate again. 

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