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  • Megan Wallace

How do freshmen feel about the mask mandate?

You either love them or hate them; regardless, everyone has something to say about masks.

Vaccinated Coastal Carolina University (CCU) students were given an option to wear masks per an email sent from the Dean of students on Aug. 13. Unfortunately, this was short-lived when all Coastal students woke up on the first day of classes to another email that completely changed the campus mask ordinance.

The email sent from CCU President Michael Benson said, “All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear face coverings indoors,” swiftly squashing the dreams of those hoping for a normal school year.

Freshman Mia Costello said she would prefer not to wear a mask, yet she understands that since “COVID is a big thing right now, it would help to stop the spread.”

Other freshmen were upset with the timing of the mask mandate because they simply did not have any on hand to use. Freshman Nataleigh Barrucci agreed that she wished the school had given her more time to go out and buy masks.

“I didn't have any on the first day, and it was kind of awkward,” said Barrucci. “But I understand how they had to do it so fast because it makes sense for the health of everyone.”

This mindset is common among the freshman class, they will do what is expected of them, but that does not mean they like to wear masks.

“Masks? Oh yeah, they’re wack,” said freshman Matt Hatshack. “I’ll wear them; I just keep forgetting to bring one to class.”

After a summer where mask mandates were almost completely removed, it will be an adjustment for everyone to get back in the habit of always having one on them.

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