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  • Jamesia M. St. Louis

Lanterns light the sky at CCU

Coastal Carolina University’s Chinese Language Culture and English Exchange Club hosted the Mid-Autumn festival on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Students were invited to engage in lantern painting and learn how to speak the Chinese language. Students were also immersed in learning and performing traditional Chinese music pieces. 

Assistant Professor and Director of the Chinese Language Culture and English exchange club, Xinyi Tan said the festival is a celebration of the moon and agriculture in the Chinese Culture.

Students from all majors were invited to attend the festival and join the club.  

Biology major Skyler Lorick said the club helps students gain a better understanding of Chinese Culture. Lorick said the club gives students a “hands-on” experience and allows one to better understand the “younger generation” of citizens in the culture. 

Sophomore Tracey Washington has a similar opinion. She believes the club helps students develop deeper connections with their studies.

Washington said, “This club helps me connect more with the culture on a deeper level rather than just being taught.” 

Tan said this is one of their first events of the semester as the club’s meetings were limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The club was originally created as an outlet for Exchange students to participate in Chinese Festivities while still feeling a sense of belonging at CCU.  Tan said the club started because of growing numbers within CCU’s Chinese program.

“There are a lot of Chinese learners who also seek to improve their Chinese outside the classroom so we created this platform so both sides could meet and learn from each other,” Tan said. 

The Chinese Language Culture and English exchange club will host meetings this fall every Tuesday from 4-5 p.m. in the Intercultural Language Resource Center (ILRC) located in Brittain Hall 240. 

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