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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

Noah Cyrus breaks down her walls during album, ‘THE END OF EVERYTHING’

Singer-songwriter, Noah Cyrus released an album that openly invites fans into her personal life.

Cyrus came out with her album, ‘THE END OF EVERYTHING’ in May 2020. The collection is larger in size, consisting of eight tracks.

The album begins with her song, “Ghost.” It has a slow, piano introduction, which seems to be a staple for many of Cyrus’ songs. As the tune continues, there is a beat drop at the chorus, along with a harmony of various instruments. The song serves as a subtle introduction for the deep messages in the tracks to come.

The next song on the album is, “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus.” This song is one I particularly enjoy. It is more of an acoustic set, with an occasional drum and tambourine. It is very soft and brings a “folk” vibe, rather than Cyrus’ traditional pop-like genre. It is the type of song I imagine singing around a campfire with a group of friends.

“Liar” is the third track. This song is sad, raw and authentic. Cyrus decided to showcase her voice, playing very minimal piano in the background. This song is so emotional, that when Cyrus hits the shaky, high notes, it sounds as if she is about to break into tears. It is amazing.

The fourth song is, “Lonely.” It is a very sad, and solemn note. Some lyrics that Cyrus sings are, “I’m writing these songs that will never get played,” and “Please, someone help me.” It is as if this is her plea for help.

“My sister’s like sunshine… and I was born to rain clouds…” This is the opening line of the second verse in her fifth track, “Young & Sad.” In this lyric she is referring to her sister, Miley Cyrus. Cyrus explains that this is the most open she can be about her current state of mental health.

“Originally, when I was writing the song, the lyric was ‘I want to be young and sad,’” said Cyrus in an interview with Apple Music. “It wasn’t sitting right because I don’t. There’s this thing going on in music where sadness is becoming a theme. I am not trying to glorify [depression].”

The sixth song on the album is “July.” This one is my favorite because it is very soothing and fun to sing along to. Cyrus came out with a duet version of this song in 2019 with singer, Leon Bridges.

“Wonder Years” is the seventh song on the list. This track is sung with artist Ant Clemons. It is the most unique song on the album, opening with a thick, fast-paced harmonization of Cyrus and other voices.

The last track is called “The End of Everything,” hence the name of the album. It is a beautiful song. Cyrus talks about how everyone and everything ends up dying in the end, and that is just how things are. Acceptance is key.

This is the first album Cyrus has come out with. In 2018 she had an EP titled, “Good Cry,” which consisted of only six songs. I loved this album; I am looking forward to hearing more of Cyrus’ music and getting to know a different side of her.

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