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  • By Serenity Silva

Predicting fashion trends for 2021

It’s a new year which means new fashion trends are emerging into the fashion world and popping up our social media feeds.

Although what’s trending in fashion may not speak to everyone’s style, it’s good to know how fashion is evolving around us, plus it’s fun to try out different looks that can help express ourselves. COVID-19 has been challenging for many of us, especially its restrictions on our social norms; however, this pandemic cannot stop the excitement and joy the fashion world has to offer us.

  • Colors

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Brown is here to stay! We began to see the trend of brown clothing in fall of 2020; however, this was just the beginning.

Fashion magazine, Vogue, said, “brown is the new black!”

Brown has appeared on runway shows for 2021, including New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2020-2021. Not only is the traditional chocolate brown popular in fashion, but it also appears that various shades of brown and earthy neutrals are in style now.

Earthy tones are not the only colors we will see this year; there’s a rumor that bright colors like bubble gum pink, sunset orange, and lime green will be taking over 2021. Vogue is referring to this colorful selection as “candy” tones in their Spring/Summer 2021 issue. The designer fashion companies that displayed these delicious candy colors on the Spring/Summer 2021 runway show included Chloé, Prada and Chanel. Tom Ford, Versace, Fendi and Burberry included the candy tones for men’s fashion as well.

  • Patterns

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

We’re all familiar with the popular checkered vans that originated in the 70s. Well, get ready to see that checkered print trend this year in clothing pieces.

The Cosmopolitan magazine said, “This checkered print is fashion’s biggest trend rn (right now).”

It seems that this unique, pattern trend was inspired by checkered home décor that has been prevalent in trendy home ideas. In fashion, there are past trends that circle back to the present in a more modern way. This year, that trend is animal print which was first popular in the 60s during the Bohemian movement. Animal prints are being reinvented from “trashy” to artsy. Versace has made an appearance on the runway for Fall/Winter 2020-2021 with prominent zebra and leopard print clothing.

  • Textures

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Another example of history repeating itself in the fashion world is the comeback of sequins and metallics. In the 20s, sequins became popular once people resumed going out after the Spanish Flu pandemic ended.

Dior, Alexander McQueen and Balmain left some sparkle on the runway for the Spring/Summer 2021 men’s collection. High-end fashion companies like Burberry and Louis Vuitton also played into the sequin trend for this year’s runway shows.

Faux leather is our new best friend in the fashion world right now. Not only is it time to break out that leather jacket in your closet, but it could also be time to invest in some groovy leather pants! According to Marie Claire, faux leather is “a no-brainer winter staple,” this season.

  • Styles

Say goodbye to your uncomfortable skinny jeans! Baggy pants and flared bottoms are what’s popular now. It appears that we are choosing more comfortable clothing pieces that are still fashionable for our wardrobe. Who says you can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time?

On the topic of comfort, we all know we became closely attached to our sweatpants and loungewear during quarantine; however, 2021 fashion is elevating our basic sweats and loungewear with unique graphics and designs. Also, we are going back in time to the 1970s and bringing back the trend of velour tracksuits. We can at least thank COVID-19 for making our comfy, clothes a stylish trend.

  • Accessories

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The last trend prediction for 2021 is a no brainer: face masks! The fashion industry is taking the COVID-19 safety precaution and turning it into a fashion statement. During this pandemic, wearing a face mask has become a major controversy despite the positive medical findings on preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. However, if we can make wearing face masks a trend, we could save lives!

If the trends above did not inspire you, I hope this one does. Happy New Year and good luck with your 2021 wardrobe!

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