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  • By Joshua Carroll

Remembering Betty White

A headshot of Betty White. Photo courtesy of

Jan 17, 1922 – Dec. 31, 2021

Betty Marion White, renowned actress, comedian, and animal advocate died this past December mere weeks shy of her 100th birthday.

Many know her for her iconic portrayal of the ditzy, but cheerful, Rose Nylund in the television sitcom “The Golden Girls.” While White was initially known for playing characters with a warm demeanor, she always wanted to step out of her comfort zone. She would often take roles that contrasted the sweet grandmother image.

One example is the Snickers commercial that aired for the 2010 Super Bowl, where she made crass remarks about a football player’s mom. She was known not only for her bright personality but also for her quick wit.

In addition to being a respected entertainer and performer, she was also known for her love of animals. White said that her parents were fanatics who passed the passion down to her. White talked about her parents driving her to Yellowstone National Park in her youth and how enamored she became with animals.

In her adult years, she went on and became more involved in animal welfare, working with and contributing to organizations such as the Los Angeles Zoo for more than 50 years. Behind her, she leaves a legacy of being caring, witty, and always willing to break the mold.

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