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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Seven trends to look for this winter 

Winter is almost here, so it’s time to update our wardrobes with the hottest trends this winter season.

1) Pea coat 

Pea coats are a classy and sophisticated way to add layers to your look. Not only are they fashionable, but they are also great for staying warm. 

2) Grayscales

Winter fashion has lots of grayscales. Grayscales are perfect for the winter, especially with different shades of gray in a certain look. Matching monochrome grayscales add a sleek look to clothing items.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest. 

3) Chunky knit cardigans

Chunky knit cardigans add a great balance of comfort and style for the winter season. They offer warmth, coziness, and they are the first thing I picture when thinking about winter fashion. It just reminds me of sitting next to a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. 

4) Oversized scarves 

Oversized scarves are a cute accessory to add to any winter look. If you’re going for a simpler look, you can make the scarf your staple in the outfit- bright colors, bold, patterns, etc. If you want the scarf to just be a sidepiece, go with a plain and simple scarf. 

5) Faux leather pants

Faux leather pants are great for both dressing-up and dressing-down. They offer a classy and sleek look when dressing up, but they also offer comfort and can be worn dressed down. 

6) Quilted texture 

Quilted texture is a fun addition to this winter season. People have been pairing the quilted texture to winter clothing sets, cardigans, shirts and pants. The quilted texture can jazz up any simple, boring look by bringing texture and funkiness to the outfit. 

7) Oversized turtlenecks

Oversized turtlenecks are super cozy and are a winter fashion staple. Whether they’re knit or cotton, oversized turtlenecks are the best winter fashion piece. 

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