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  • By Alyssa L. Brennan

Simple Halloween costumes for students on a budget

Preview of Amazon's ghost costume. Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Halloween is quickly approaching, if you have not put any thought into a costume yet, here are some easy, low-budget ideas.

  • Cat

This classic costume is super easy without having to do much shopping. For the easiest version of this costume, all you need is:

1. Black shirt and black pants/leggings

2. Cat ear headband

3. Cattail

4. Black makeup/paint for whiskers

  • Ghost

This is another popular, go-to costume that is easy to pull off. You can always go with the classic look - a simple white sheet with holes cut out for the eyes. Or, there are also affordable options in stores and online. Amazon has this hooded ghost costume, currently in stock and available for $28.99.

  • Pumpkin

If you want to go the easiest route with this one, all you would have to do is wear an orange shirt with a jack-o-lantern face on it which you can find on Target’s website for $8. If you want something less subtle, there is also a three-piece costume on Amazon for $20.99. This comes with a pumpkin hat, pumpkin “dress” and pumpkin “handbag.”

  • Angel

For this, all you need is an all-white outfit, a halo and angel wings. Party City has this whole set on its website for $14.99. If you already have an all-white outfit and just need the accessories, Costume SuperCenter has a halo and wing set for $5.99 on their website.

  • Cowboy

This one might require more shopping if you want a whole costume set. The deluxe version of the costume includes seven pieces: vest, chaps, belt, leather hat, neckerchief, leather hip and a star badge. This is available on Amazon for $36.97.

For a simple version, all you need is a collared shirt, jeans and cowboy hat. Amazon has a cowboy hat currently in stock for $8.89.

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