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  • By Tyler Connolly

Songs that should be on your spring break playlist

This spring break most people will either be traveling or looking to take a well needed break from schoolwork; either way, many will be looking for music suggestions.

A good playlist is essential for those long trips or days at the beach, but the problem is finding the right songs. Everyone has their own specific taste in music, but here are some recommendations that everyone loves, to add to your spring break playlist.

Firstly, the recently released ‘Change of Scenery II’ album by Quinn XCII is full of songs that give spring/summer vibes, specifically SOS. If you do not end up being a fan of this album, then you can check out some of Quinn XCII’s other songs. You can also stick with some of his more popular hits such as “Straightjacket” on his ‘The Story of Us’ album.

Another good artist to include in your playlist is The Weeknd, whether it be some of his older songs or some from his most recent album ‘After Hours.’ The entire ‘After Hours album is good enough to be on your playlist, but if you are looking to add just few songs then I suggest Blinding Lights and “In Your Eyes.” Some of his older songs that are also good to notice are Starboyand Can't Feel My Face.”

Finally, throwback songs are essential to having on a playlist. You can find these throwbacks by searching for “hits by year” on either Apple Music or Spotify. Some songs that might not be on there that you should definitely listen to are All Summer Long” (2018) by Kid Rock and Magic by B.o.B, Rivers Cuomo.

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