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  • By Mike Curry

Spider-Man: No Way Home review

Spider-Man: No Way Home movie poster. Photo courtesy of

The conclusion of Marvel and Sony’s collaboration trilogy for Spider-Man has arrived and it has obliterated records by pulling in over two billion dollars with global and internal audiences.

The big question is should you see this film (if you haven’t already)? The answer is yes, you should. With the first film released in 2017, the Tom Holland Spider-Man character has been the fan-favorite, compared to the other two Spider-Men played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

In this ending we finally see Tom’s character become Spider-Man by placing him in classic Spider-Man situations that bring out the best of the character. The film also brings back past villains from outings like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man who own their similar but subtle roles with outstanding performances and redemption arcs that bring a tear to any nostalgic fan.

The supporting cast blows it out of the park with their terrific acting and story points that allow everyone to have a part of the spotlight and add to the narrative. This film is truly the end to the Marvel Cinematic Universes’ Peter Parker origin story that spanned across three films, bringing fans the most comic, accurate portrayal to date and will only excite fans to see what Marvel and Holland have in store for Spidey.

If you are a fan of Marvel, superheroes, Holland himself, or simply good films, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is a must-see: 10/10.

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