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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Summer fashion trends you can’t miss out on 

Summer fashion trends are my favorite thing to look forward to! If you want to see what fashion trends will be in style this summer, keep reading.

1) Strappy Tops

Strappy tops will be a big summer trend. Strappy tops are a style not many people play around with but experimenting with them this summer could make you fall in love! 

2) Side Cutouts 

Whether in a top, bathing suit or dress, side cutouts are totally in. As a style that was praised in the 90s, side cutouts have now resurfaced. Side cutouts are being referred to as the new “naked” style because it shows skin in a different way.

3) Tie dye, but make it colorful 

During the 2020 quarantine, tie-dye made it back into fashion as people sitting at home got bored and started tie dying their clothes. Since this fad became massive, colorful tie-dye is making its way as a big summer trend. I definitely want to try this trend out because it is just too cute!

4) Metallic 

Metallic colors are more of a winter style but its changing seasons. Metallic colors are paving their way to becoming a multi-season trend. So, this summer try out a metallic color and see how you like it. You will look like a shining star in the sun! 

5) Netting

Netting has returned over the years as a cover-up option for bathing suits. Now, netted shirts, pants and dresses have made its way into fashion. Netting is not a style everyone enjoys, but it cannot hurt to be adventurous and try it out. 

6) Beachy patterns 

Do you like clothing with waves, fish, seahorses, etc. on them? Well, this is your summer for fashion then. Beachy patterns are making a comeback to both clothing and accessories. Beachy patterns give the total summer vibe. Next time you are out shopping, pick up a shirt with seahorses on it. I know I will. 

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