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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Ten fashion trends that have resurfaced over the past decade  

As fashion continue to evolve, the industry is taking a blast from the past and spicing up old fashion trends. Enjoy these cute, old school trends that will have everyone looking at you. 

1) Fuzzy sweaters

Fuzzy sweaters became popular in the 1940s, and continued to stay trendy until the 1960s. Then, fuzzy sweaters returned the in 1990s for the Y2K fashion trends and have, yet again, made a comeback with being a big part of 2020 fashion.

Photo courtesy of Shein.

2) Chunky chain necklaces

Celebrities like Billie Eilish have brought back many fashion trends; one of them being chunky chain necklaces. However, chain necklaces started their popularity in the 1980s. Hip hop group, the Beastie Boys, were one of many to wear chunky chain necklaces.

3) Baggy clothes

Another trend brought back by Billie Eilish are baggy clothes. Baggy clothes are a staple to Eilish’s style. She began wearing baggy clothes to hide her body, but now the trend has now become a major movement, as well as the evolution of a past fashion trend. 

4) Colorblock

Colorblock was popular in the 1980s. It brought together bright colors that were blocked next to another. Colorblock was used as an early expression of personality with fashion, and now, colorblock is having a major comeback. 

5) Scrunchies

Scrunchies made their return when the “VSCO girl” trend started. Girls would wear scrunchies to cover their arms and to accessorize items such as water bottles. Now, scrunchies are used as hair accessories, as they should. 

6) Bold earrings

Bold earrings are by far my favorite trend, because it’s strange they’ve made a comeback. Bold earrings have always been around, but now there’s been some changes to their style. Nowadays, you’ll find earrings with a dried orange peel hanging from them, or little nostalgic toys such as mini troll dolls. 

7) Hawaiian shirts

Believe it or not, Hawaiian shirts became popular in the 1930s. They were something tourists in Hawaii would purchase, and then they started to expand throughout the mainland. Now, the bright and colorful shirts have been revamped to fit the culture of current style trends, such as, crop tops, halter tops and long sleeves. 

8) Corset tops

Corset tops were a big trend with celebrities such as Madonna. They have now been turned into an everyday “sultry top”, typically made from satin. 

9) Mom jeans

Mom jeans are not everyone's cup of tea. Like all old school fashion trends, you either love them or hate them. Mom jeans have come back, and a lot of people are irritated by it. Mom jeans were created to wear high waisted jeans that weren’t too baggy, or too tight. However, since they fit a certain way, it can look unflattering very easily. 

10) Fanny Packs

Fanny packs have resurfaced over the years, especially because of music festivals. Fanny packs came back as a convenient way to carry items. With music festivals becoming such a popular event, companies created stylish packs that can be made to match any outfit. 

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