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  • By Alyssa L. Brennan

Tips to help you succeed in online classes

  1. Stay organized: This one is probably the most important. Staying organized and keeping up with your schedule will ensure you get work done on time and eliminate unnecessary anxiety. Get a planner, put reminders in your phone, and hang up a calendar in your room.

  2. Manage your time: Don’t procrastinate. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Get your work done ahead of time and stay on task. But remember to also schedule breaks and take them when needed.

  3. Have a designated spot for school work: This will help cut down on distractions and keep you on task. You’ll begin to associate that area with working and will likely be more productive in that space. If you use the same room or desk to do your work, all of your materials will be in the same place and you won’t have to worry about losing anything.

  4. Eliminate distractions: It’s easy to get unfocused with online/ Zoom classes, but it is important to stay engaged. The material is still important, and you’ll retain more information and better understand the material if you pay attention to lectures and discussions. Try to find a quiet spot and participate in your classes.

  5. Participate in class and use resources: Take notes, actively listen to lectures and participate in discussions. Ask questions. Go to office hours and ask for help. You are responsible for your education, so take advantage of the resources available to you on campus and virtually.

  6. Take breaks: Staring at the screen all day can be overwhelming. We attend our Zoom meetings, and then have a ton of online work to do. It can end up taking most of the day. It’s so important to break up that time spent on the computer. Eat, go for a walk, clear your head. Otherwise, you can end up staring at the screen all day and still not get anything done.

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