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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz

What is new at CCU: Changes made over the summer

Welcome back, students and faculty!

Let us look back on these past few months and reflect on what has happened around campus while you all have been away. 

1. TimelyCare

Over the summer, Coastal launched a new telehealth service for all CCU students called TimelyCare. 

"TimelyCare is 24/7, no-cost telehealth services for students to address common conditions that can be safely diagnosed and treated remotely," said the TimelyCare website. "All you need is an internet connection."

TimelyCare offers various services; some are treated over the phone and some in person. The services range from diagnosing a cold to health coaching appointments to 45-minute scheduled counseling services.

In addition, TimelyCare also offers a service called TalkNow. With this, students have access to speak with a mental health professional within minutes. The professionals will provide support and advice in many areas, including when one is feeling down, worried, has stress, or anxiety, among other things. 

TimelyCare does not require any proof of insurance and is of no cost to students enrolled at CCU. 

To find out more information or download the app, go to this website: Coastal Carolina - TimelyCare.

2. COVID-19 vaccinations are now available on campus

While the COVID-19 vaccine is not required for CCU students and faculty, it is highly recommended. CCU now offers free vaccinations on campus through Student Health Services. One can visit their website or call 843-349-6543 to make an appointment.

The Dean of Students, Peter Paquette, mentioned in an email sent to all students that the way we control COVID-19 on our campus will be very similar to the Olympics. 

"Like the summer Olympics that just concluded, there are individual sports and team sports," said Paquette. "Navigating COVID-19 is a team sport—we will all medal or none of us will medal. We only do well by looking out for one another and prioritizing communal needs." 

In an effort to encourage students and faculty to get the vaccine and determine what our campus vaccination percentage is, CCU has implemented an incentive program. Those vaccinated can go to this website, Vax Incentives - Coastal Carolina University, and enter for prizes such as paid tuition, scholarships, free meal swipes, iPads and more. 

3. Renovations for Kimbel Library and Hicks Dining Hall

The CCU Board of Trustees approved of renovations for Kimbel Library and Hicks Dining Hall, 

The library will be expanded, and the exterior of the building will be upgraded. The whole project will cost $15.5 million and be funded through three different resources. The university is now waiting for approval from the state.

In an email sent to students and faculty, it was mentioned that Hicks Dining Hall would have many changes done to it to assist everyone on campus better. 

"Renovations to the campus' primary dining facility will include a redesigned main entrance, upgraded service stations, refinished floors, upgraded technology, and new food service equipment," said the email. "The renovations are scheduled for summer 2022 and will be fully funded by Aramark, CCU's food service provider."

It is unknown when renovations would start for the library. 

4. CCU named a new dean for graduate studies 

J. Lee Brown, Ph. D., is the new dean for the College of Graduate and Continuing Students. 

Brown came to CCU after serving 10 years in North Carolina at Fayetteville State University. There he held multiple positions over the years, with his latest title being interim provost. Brown is ecstatic to start his new role at CCU.

"I am truly honored and excited to be the inaugural dean for the new College of Graduate and Continuing Studies," Brown said in an email that was sent to students and faculty. "We will build on Coastal's strong foundation of academic excellence to better meet the educational desires of a diverse, post-traditional student population."

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