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  • By Shelbi R. Ankiewicz and Christy Waters

What you can expect classes to look like this fall

Face-to-face instruction will resume this fall as students begin the 2021-22 school year.

In an email sent out by the provost, this upcoming year will contain a mixture of both in-person and online options. Stating, traditional teaching will take place, with some distance learning/online classes.

There will no longer be an option to switch between streaming and in-person; it will be one or the other (if that class offers streaming).

When asked on social media how people feel about Coastal Carolina University resuming face-to-face instruction, there were a wide range of answers. This decision by the university has made an impact on students both positively and negatively. Junior Sarah Newton believes in-person classes should not start so suddenly.

“I think it’s too soon,” said Newton. “I would love having a streaming option still. COVID is still here, and people are still effected by it and I don’t think we should just jump back into normal life that fast.”

Sophomore Deena Othman became bothered when she tried to digest the idea of returning face-to-face in the fall.

“It’s overwhelming and frustrating to think about; considering not everyone is in better shape now.”

Madi Vanderlip, a CCU junior, and Victor Melgaco, a student at Horry Georgetown Technical College, have a different approach for the upcoming semester. They both believe streaming classes have caused people to “slip” and therefore preventing them from performing to the best of their abilities.

“…This pandemic has made everyone lazy and gives people an excuse to halfway take care of their commitments,” said Vanderlip. “I think as long as we follow social distancing procedures it will be great in getting people back to normality and holding us accountable.”

Melgaco has a similar opinion.

“I’m at tech but I’m really happy we are going back to in person,” said Melgaco. “It’s really hard for me to do any learning with online school. My teachers hardly ever have teams’ meetings and I just feel like I’m just doing work and not learning anything.”

Sophomore Carissa Cramer expressed her enthusiasm regarding the return to campus.

“I feel very positively about going back to in-person school next semester! I am excited to interact with people again, as long as we are doing so safely and with proper precautions,” Cramer said, “I am a bit weary of the fact that there is no streaming option. While I am happy to return to school, not every student is. I believe there should still be a streaming option available for those who wish to stay home, or those who learn better with online schooling.” 

This upcoming semester will be a change for everyone. Check WebAdvisor to ensure which classes are in-person versus streaming.

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