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  • By Madelyn Sipola

Where you can find affordable and stylish business attire

Transitioning from college life to the professional workplace can be challenging, especially when it comes to changing your wardrobe.

When it comes to looking for work outfits, I have always struggled to find cute and affordable clothes. That is why I made this guide of websites that offer low-budget business attire that is stylish.

  1. Shein

Shein has the most affordable and cute business looks! Photo courtesy is linked in the title.

Shein is a college student's favorite place to shop. They have all the new trends and they are super affordable! Shein offers a bunch of different clothing options from two-piece outfits to dresses, pants and blouses.

There is a lot on Shein that you can mix and match. The best thing about Shein is that they have thousands upon thousands of items. Every day they create new items that range from clothes to beauty to even pet clothing.

  1. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova serving a powerful business look. Photo courtesy linked in the title.

Fashion Nova is one of the trendiest, affordable clothing brands that are pretty well-known. The best thing about Fashion Nova is that they have an entire business collection. I own a few blazers and work pants from them.

The majority of the items at Fashion Nova range from $20-$60, but they always have promotional deals and sales going on. Some sales even go up to 75%-off! Fashion Nova also has a great sale section that is extremely affordable.

  1. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing has cute, business, casual inspiration. Photo courtesy linked in the title.

Pretty Little Thing is a personal favorite of mine. They are originally a UK clothing brand, but they created a US region because of how popular they became. Pretty Little Thing is a mix of Fashion Nova and Shein. Much like Shein, they create new clothing items weekly and sometimes daily, and like Fashion Nova, they always have a ton of promotional events and sales.

Nearly everything on Pretty Little Thing is always on sale, unless it is a popular item they never take off their website. Pretty Little Thing also has a business collection. Currently, they are doing an End of Summer promotional sale and have some perfect business clothing items on their sales list!

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