Meet the Staff

The staff of The Chanticleer Newspaper is entirely made up of Coastal Carolina students. You can contact the staff by emailing, reaching out on social media or emailing the adviser at

If you are interested in joining the staff as a reporter, photographer, editor or digital producer, email

Alyssa Brennan,  Editor-in-Chief

Garrett Kalenick,

Business Manager

Abigail Rike,


Sarah Bartholomew,

Assistant Editor

Morgen Cvetko,

Senior Sports Reporter


Eden Alon,


Taylor Little,

Art Director

O'Tia Prioleau,

Senior Reporter

Elexis Thompson,

Staff Member

Grace Wells,


Lexi Brown,


Sam Chabot

Social Media Projects

Sarah Kinder,


Sarah Lascelle,

Staff Member

Shelbi Ankiewicz, Reporter

Akilah Stroman, Sports Reporter

Ashley Woodall, Sports Photographer

Briana Rinkes, Staff Member

Caroline Elswick, Reporter

Cassidy Duff, Staff Member

Destiny Premo, Events Writer/ Photographer

Ian Brooking, SGA Beat Reporter

Isabella Chavez, Photographer

Jasmine Leger, Staff Member

Jenna Herazo, Reporter

Josh Carroll, Reporter

Justin Chrisjohn, Sports Reporter

Kayla Chambers, Staff Member

Keiona Houser, Photographer

Kim Camry, Staff Member

Luke Smith, Reporter

Matt Micglire, Staff Member

McKenzie Waters, Staff Member

Megan Schlesser, Opinion Writer

Naisha Pacheco, Staff Member

Rachael Hama, Staff Member

Rae'L Jackson, Photographer

Suntaeyena Copeland, Staff Member

Tyler Berkheimer, Reporter

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